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Transmission of Light study group
giri-field-super-large.jpgbecome a radiant being of light, learn how to receive, absorb and transmit the frequency of light


Dear friends,

This transmission, though very beautiful, aesthetic and gentle, is very potent and powerful. It can change your life, if you wish it to change; it has the potential to fill your life with light and blissfulness, it can open new doors of perception and understanding.  It can nourish you.

 It all depends on you:
How thirsty you are, how open, how receptive, how deep you want to go.
It is your freedom and your choice. I hope it is as nourishing for you as it is for me.


Transmission of Light (ToL) is open and available for anyone coming from any path. It does not transmit any particular belief nor is it limited to any particular teaching.
All the enlightened beings, past , present, future, whether they are Sufi Masters, Zen Masters, Taoist Masters, Hassid or Christian mystics, Tibetan or Hindu Masters, or, as my beloved Master Osho, belong to no particular path at all, as different as they may be, they  have one amazing reality in common: their vibration, their frequency. This vibration radiates from their being, and whoever is sensitive and receptive is showered and nourished by it. This vibration changes our lives and our perception of who we are and what is possible for us. We begin to see our tremendous potential. This vibration is what we want to explore and experience and imbibe here.

 “Transmission of Light" (ToL) gives us the opportunity to experience and absorb the vibration of light and allows it to re- awaken our inherent, but dormant light within.  

The moment our inner light wakes up, we can see clearly and our lives take on a totally different dimension. We become aware of our true being, and life turns into a blessing.
In ToL the frequency of light is stored in crystals and gemstone pendants, oils and tinctures.
The information can be received and transmitted through invocation, meditation, massage and light transmission
.  This is what we are going learn here.

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We human beings have been hypnotized into believing that we are not what we really are:
Glorious beings of light.

We have been made to believe, that life is hard and that we are never good enough.
We have been made to believe that we have to fight for our survival,
and that life is certainly not for enjoyment;
that to look for happiness and fullfillment is just for dreamers.
We have been conditioned to believe in this sad story.

But now it is time to wake up. 
We want to be free to live our true potential!
Now we are ready to re-discover our original being; 
we want to be able to live a blissful, peaceful life,
full of songs and dances.
We want to be able to dance with the flowers
in the sun and in the soft rain.
We want to hear the songs of the stars,
and we want to know what it is to be blissful and fulfilled.
We want to see the light and we want to BE the light.

In the past the enlightened beings were very few,
and they left the earth too soon.

We will live here.

Can you just for a moment
this beautiful planet earth
and  people walking on her
and living
as radiating light?

Can you, even just for a moment
the joy,
the ecstasy?

This is what we can be,
this is what our nature is really.
We have just forgotten it.

The good news is:
We can remember
and be
who we really are:

Glorious beings of light



And now, before we begin, please read this carefully….
probably for most of us, it is not a question at all, but for legal reasons, as I am offering an open transmission here, I have to inform you, that when you enter this process, you are totally responsible for yourself.


I am very happy to invite you to be part of this transmission of light, if you are aware that each step you take is your own freedom and your own responsibility, each step is your own adventure and your own risk, too. If you feel that you do not wish to be responsible in this way, you will not be able to benefit from this course, and I do not recommend and invite you to participate in the transmission.
If you have any medical or psychological problems, I recommend that you consult your doctor, and participate only with the agreement of your doctor.

Transmission of light is not a therapy , but a way to open our dormant channels of light within.


Conventional medical sciences as well as conventional physics deny the existence of subtle energy fields and their working on the body and mind/matter. Nevertheless there is much evidence now, that school physics is in fact very limited in its understanding. Quantum physics has found that vibration can and does influence what we call matter. Now quantum physicists are convinced that our so-called material reality is not a fixed phenomenon at all, but a very fluid movement of constantly changing vibrations. In fact it seems that there is no fixed matter at all in existence, everything is a crisscross of ever-changing vibration.

There are many books about these new and exciting discoveries available, easily readable even for laypeople.

If you are interested, here are some recommendations:

Lynne Mc Taggert: The Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggert: The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

Amit Goswami: The Self-Aware Universe

William Arntz, Betty Chasse and Mark Vicente:  What the Bleep do we know?

Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water

Masaru Emoto:  Secret Life of Water

Ervin Laszlo: Science and the Akashic field





 And now let me introduce the
Field of Awakening,
                                              aka the Buddhafield

to enter click on the fieldcircle-of-light-large-5.jpg