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Intro Field of Awakening

And now let me introduce the Field of Awakening,
                                              aka the Buddhafield

The Field of Awakening is a radiating energy field. It consists of three concentric circles of energized crystals and gemstones. These crystals and gemstones are carrying the vibration of the frequency of light. Each one radiates a particular frequency of light; it is carrying particular information. We can receive this particular information into our body/ mind system. Once it has entered our system it will find and meet our own inherent, corresponding light within.
In this meeting, very gently, the inner dormant light frequency wakes up, and begins to radiate from within.
This awakening of light within can completely change and enrich our life experience. Our potential becomes actualized. The seed start sprouting.  Soon it will be a beautiful strong tree, and will begin to flower…..






The outer circle is called the “Circle of Light”; it consists of 21 frequencies stored in gemstone pendants, and 21 color cards.
The cards can be used to find out which particular frequency is the most  beneficial for you at this moment of time.



The frequencies of the "Circle of Light" govern and influence the body/mind and emotion. They are about how we see the world, how we live in and how we feel ourselves in the world which surrounds us.  If the frequencies of the Circle of Light are balanced and awakened within our system we can joyfully participate in every life situation and enjoy life in the body. It is such a colorful life and we have so many possibilities! 



 The middle circle is called the “Circle of Grace”; it consists of 13 frequencies stored in crystal balls



These frequencies govern and nourish the spiritual heart.
They are not of color (physical light) but of a translucent spiritual light frequency.  They are what “the seeker” is so tremendously thirsty for. They cannot be found “in the world” easily.  They cannot even be easily found in nature, they are radiating from a source of consciousness and awakening in the spiritual world. These frequencies are nourishment to the spiritual heart in the same way as water is nourishment to a dying plant.




The innermost circle is called: “The Great Swan- The Wind of the East”; it consists of 9 frequencies stored in crystal balls


These frequencies govern and nourish the depth of our innermost being. Nothing has ever happened here.
This place is our untouched sanctuary. If these frequencies are awakened within our system, we are completely centered within our own being.
We enter the purity of being.


This standing crystal in the center is called: 
“Pillar of Consciousness”.



This frequency is about crystallization; it is our “antenna” to the divine….. From here we can “take the jump” into the existential, the universal being.




an exercise:

Take a few moments to just look at the field. Let your eyes become very soft and receptive. Just allowing your eyes to take in what they see….. very gently looking at the picture ….
Give your eyes a few moments to just BE with the Field of Awakening, just absorbing.
If thoughts come, let them be there.
You may be drawn to a particular color: just notice.
Maybe a certain crystal looks more attractive than others: just notice.
Take your time……. Just looking…

And now imagine the field be to a mirror. In fact, that is exactly what it is: a mirror of the soul.
So you are not looking at a picture now, but you are looking into a mirror. And what you see when you look into this very special energy mirror is your light body. Just go on looking and be aware that you are looking into a mirror. And the mirror is reflecting back to you, who you are, what you are at this moment of time. Be aware of any thoughts which might come to you; they describe what you see…

Someone might think: it is so beautiful!
Remember this is a mirror: it is reflecting back to you, how beautiful your light body is.
Someone might think: it is so shiny, so colorful
Remember it is a mirror…. You ARE so shiny.
Someone might think: it is so round and perfect.
Remember: it is a mirror….
Your thoughts and feelings are guiding you to learn something about yourself.

Now you can begin the exercise:







And now we will begin our transmission to enter click on the picture:  

                                                                                           01buddha-within-cards-medium-2.jpg   Buddha Within

                                                                                      rosefeather-big-2.jpg   Four Pinks

                                                                                      nf-shop.jpg    Grace