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1. * BUDDHA*WITHIN  ____________________            

Color: magenta
Related chakra: 1 and 8


“Buddha Within” is the frequency of the magenta colored ray of light.

It carries the vibration of divine love, care and warmth. It allows the seed of your being to take roots in the here and now. It is the frequency of turning inward, of the spiritual pregnancy.

In our so- called "normal" way of upbringing most of us have been taught very distorted ways of living the magenta frequency. This conditioning has been immensely harmful in the sense, that what we have learned about the magenta light (divine love) will not allow us to anchor it into our being and to live its full potential. The true magenta ( divine love) is lost to us.

For instance, almost all of us have learned that love and care should be given to other people, not to ourselves. To give the magenta love to our own being is considered to be selfish, and to be selfish is thought to be bad. The magenta love of “Buddha Within “will include everyone, it is not limited to ones own being, cannot be, just because it has such an overflowing warmth. But, if in the name of being unselfish, we deprive ourselves from receiving our own inherent “Buddha Within” vibration, the seed of our being can never take root and flower in our lives. Then we will never be able to find truth, or love, or enlightenment, whichever name we may want to give to the reality, we are searching for so desperately. If we are deprived of the divine love we can never be blissful and happy. This is why the magenta light of the “Buddha Within” is the first and most important frequency in the transmission: It is the seed of enlightenment.


“Buddha Within” is also the frequency of the second birth. The first birth happened through the mothers womb: it gave birth to the body. The second birth will reveal our true being, the soul, the light within.

In so many ways we are trying to find that womb, which we feel we have lost: We are trying to find it in friends, in lovers, in money, in power, in things we possess, in alcohol, in drugs; even through our children we are trying to find that feeling of being one, of being fulfilled, of having a meaning in and for our lives.


The frequency “Buddha Within” gives us the certainty and the actual feeling that we are in unity, that nothing has been taken from us, and that what we have been seeking in the outside reality, is in fact here with us: inside our own being.

It is the womb for the birth of our true being, which is enlightenment.


Here is some more information about the "Buddha Wirhin" frequency.
It is not meant to be complete,
but just a beginning to see and explore and find your own insight......

Where to find "Buddha Within" in nature:


All magenta colored blossom

Red wine

Tantric love

Beet roots


Umbilical cord



 Helpful for people on the spiritual path


Spiritual pregnancy

Beginning and deepening of the search: who am I?

Turning in

Nourishes the seed of divinity in us


Gives confidence and serenity.

Pulls inward, when too busy in the outside world



Helpful on the mind/emotional level


Helps to go inwards and to define ones boundaries


Gives calmness and serenity.

Gives patience, warmth and loving nourishment.

When feeling lonely

When feeling unfulfilled.

During separation from a partner or a loved one
after child birth, both for mother and baby

In coming out of co- dependency

Gives the feeling to be held and loved and cared for.




Helpful on the physical level:


Helps to ease the withdrawal symptoms when breaking free from addiction.
Makes the skin beautiful.
Helps to heal wounds, grow new tissue

During pregnancy ( for both mother and child. Helps the child to settle in, helps the mother to become quiet and accepting of her new reality)

Can be helpful during labor (in combination with “Let Go” frequency)

Helps with puerperal depression.

Helps to soothe crying newborn babies
Might help sleeplessness due to too many worries.



Location in the body



Electromagnetic field around the body




Now we can begin the Transmission


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