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All Transmission of Light crystals and pendants have been energized
and are carrying different frequencies of light.
When you wear an energized pendant or keep the energized crystal near you when you are meditating,
your body/mind/being naturally begins to vibrate in the same wavelength ( falls in synchronicity)
 and your inner frequency begins to wake up.
If you want to access the full potential of the energized crystals or pendants
there are two steps to go deeper:
  • invocation
  • and meditation (any meditation of your own choice)

(open your arms to the sky in the gesture of receptivity)                  

·         I am…… (say your name)


·         And I would like to be in tune with …( someone you deeply trust; your master, your friend… or anybody you trust, because in trust we open)


·         And I am now ready to receive…. ( say the name of the frequency you are using)



Now you can begin your meditation (holding your crystal or wearing the pendant)
you can just be receptive, there is nothing for you to do, the frequeny will find its way into your body and heart in its own way.
Just enjoy!



With an invocation and with meditation the crystal ( or gemstone, or essence or oil….. ) gives 100% of its energy to you.
If you use them without invocation or meditation, they will give you some of their energy, but not all of it.
It is energized in this way, so that you yourself can decide, how much of the energy you want to receive.

It is also possible to absorb the frequency through light transmission.

It is a very simple technique: you make your invocation, then place the crystal or pendant on your body (wherever it feels good)
and let the light of a torch shine through it.

esotera-transmission-large.jpg    transmission-four-pinks-large.jpg


The frequency travels with the light into your system and there awakens the dormant light frequency within.
Tol is a very gentle process. Please be aware to use the frequencies only as long as it feels good.
Never never never try to push yourself. 

All the ToL products are meant to be used in combination with meditation.
In meditation we make the frequency "our own".
without meditation the crystals can give you a glimse and a feeling of how wondwerful the world of light is,
but they cannot "give it to you" as your own.
In ToL we want to make sure, we do not become dependnent on the crystals, but use them to awaken our inner light.