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If you are new to this study group, please begin by reading the previous part of the transmission (intro and “ Buddha Within”) before you join this part of the transmission
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Moving into the deeper layers……

Do you remember the three layers of the Field of Awakening, and do you remember that the field is a mirror of your own inner light?

                                       The three layers:  Circle of Light (body/mind), Circle of Grace( Spiritual heart) 
                                                                                                                 and Great Swan (the BEING). 

Now we will see the connections between the individual frequencies and the three circles of light:


From each frequency on the outer circle there is a connection to the deeper layers: spiritual heart and soul. We can look at them as guiding lines, along which we can we can easily move towards the center of our being. Or we could say these are the lines of creation. Metaphorically speaking, we could say, that in the beginning of time we began to move outwards along these lines. …. In any case, we will use these connections to explore the depth of our being.


Today we will move into the deeper layer of “Buddha Within”:



                     the frequency “Four Pinks” 



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