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My name is Sampatti.
I am the one who is energizing the crystals for "Transmission of Light"
I am very grateful to the crystals that they offer themselves as a medium for the frequencies of light.
I really feel it quite something, because it means, that they agree to give up their life as an "ordinary" crystal and become a medium for light.
It is a great offering on their part, because they loose their "personality" , so to speak, for a higher purpose: to help us.
So when I want to energize a crystal, first I ask it, if it is ready and willing to let go of its personality, to become empty and availbale for a particular frequency.
Most of the crystals are really happy to be asked, they become so shiny and their aura and even physical appearance completely changes;
but once in a while a crystal does not want to be used to carry frequency, then I have to respect that.
I work only with the crystals who have happily agreed to be mediums for the frequency of light.
First I clean them,
then, I go into meditation, and I offer myself as a medium for the energizing process.
Then, in a process which I have learned over many years,
I empty the crystal of its natural vibration,
and replace it with one of the frequencies of light.
It is an amazing experience to see the crystal change in front of my own eyes,
it looks as if it is a completely different crystal altogether.
There is so much happiness in me, and in the crystal, too,
we are ONE in this process.
It takes a while for the crystal to settle in its new reality.
When it is settled, it can begin its sharing with you.
What I see happening in the crystals,
I see happening in people too:
when we absorb the frequency of light,
we become empty of our "personality",
and then, when we absorb the light, we shine in a new light altogether.
it is so beautiful to see!
I love this work so much , and I am very grateful to existence that it has offered me to be part of it.
It makes me very happy.
I feel I am part of a greater happening:
of light manifesting in the physical world.
It makes me feel, I am part of the arising of the New Man and a New World.
It makes me very grateful to know,
that the energized crystals will go and meet the people
who are thirsty,
who are in need of the light, who have a great longing to be fullfilled.
I am sending them to you
with love and gratitude,