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What are energized crystals and in which way can they support me?
Organically grown crystals have the wonderful ability to absorb, store and transmit energy.
They also have the capacity to act as amplifiyers, which means that they pass on the energy, with which they have been energized, in a multiplied way.
( it is the same difference as if you listen to music with or without an amplifyer)
This magnifying quality makes it very easy to feel and become aware of the otherwise very subtle frequency of light.
In Transmission of Light we use crystals as transmitters for the frequencies of light.
These frequencies (energy) are nourishment for our spiritual being.
Just as our physical body needs food and water,
our spiritual being needs the nourishment of light,
not only of physical light,but of spiritual light, too.
In our modern world (especially the West, but now also in the East, as it adopts the western way of life),
which is so fast, so speedy, so full of things, but so empty of meaning,
it has become increasingly difficult to find and absorb the the frequency of light directly from the surrounding atmosphere.
This is why we have channelled them into crystals,
so we can easily absorb the nourishment we need for the fullfillment of our spiritual being, our soul.