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There are ToL practitioners around the world, who are happy to assist you.
If you are interested, please contact here:
Which field are you attracted to?
If you are intersted in healing, all the frequencies of the Healing Circle are meanigful. My suggestion is to use them all,( please click here if you would like guidance how to use them)
If you are intersted in the evironmental care for our beautiful planet, all the frequencies of the Earth Guardian Circle are meaningful for you.
If your search is to find out what is to be woman/ or man: "Sisterhood of the Wise Women" and Brotherhood of the Wise Men are meaningful for you (Sisterhood is only for women, Brotherhood only for men!)
The frequency of Love and Gratitude is immensely valuable for everyone.

If your search is for spiritual growth and the fullfillment of your being, the frequencies of the "Field of Awakening" are meaningful for you.
The best is, if you can absorb all the frequencies one by one into your system. This is really a path, and you have time to travel it.
Most of the people take at least a year and a half to absorb everything.
If you are intersted to be guided through the process, contact me here
If you want to find out for yourself which frequency of the "Field of Awakening" ( spiritual growth) is most helpful and beneficial for you just at this moment of time
(maybe you have a problem you want to look at, or you just want to see what kind of support you can give yourself for your life as it is now)
this is how you can find out:
Below you see 21 energy paintings,
choose the painting which attracts you most.
Do this three times more, until you have chosen four paintings.
 The first card (which you like best) represents your deepest longing, that which is most important in your life, which is most important for you to be fullfilled
The second choice card represents the energy which will help ypou to fullfill your longing. You need more of this energy, to fullfill your longing.
The third card represents the energy which is alreay present in your life, something you can depend on
The fourth card represents the energy which will appear very soon in your life (as soon as the second card energy is integrated in your life).
Normally in a reading one would suggest to use the frequencies related to your first and second card choice.
The names written underneath the paintings are the names of the related frequencies.
  • Written in the first line are the frequencies which act on your body/mind (physical body, belive systems, thought and feeling). Use pendants, oils or essences.
  • In the second line are the frequencies which are deeply nourishing your spiritual heart ( you longing, your search ) Use crystal or pendant
  • In the third line are the frequencies which are nourishing your deepest core (soul) . use crstal
If you click on the names, the search page will come up. There you can enter the name, and all realted crystals, pendats ,oils etc. will show. Here you can learn about their meaning, and order, if you like.
The frequencies of the third line, your deepest soul, are much deeper than words can describe. For them you will not find an explanation. Mind cannot reach there.

If you are interested in a deeper reading, please contact us here
01buddha-within-cards-medium-2.jpg    02child-cards-master-medium-2.jpg   03remmebrance-cards-medium-2.jpg  

 04middle-way-cards-medium-2.jpg  05earthsmyst-cards-medium-2.jpg   6be-a-light-original-medium-2.jpg 
 07onthepath-cards-medium-2.jpg   08wuwei-cards-medium-2.jpg   09emptyheart-original-medium-2.jpg  
10fish-in-the-sea-cards-medium-2.jpg   11song-of-divine-original-medium-2.jpg   12letgo-cards-medium-2.jpg  
13vision-cards-medium-3.jpg   14mystery-cards-medium-2.jpg   15completion-cards-medium-3.jpg  
16pureconsciousness-cards-medium-2.jpg     17compassion-cards-medium-2.jpg   18gathering-nectar-cards-medium-2.jpg  
19abundance-cards-medium-2.jpg     20offering-cards-medium-2.jpg    21nothing-but-love-cards-medium-2.jpg