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Testimonials and Experiences
Chintana, Finland
"I love the oil Gratitude & Love, I use it every day."

 Denise (Germany)
Meine liebe Lichtfreundin,

Deine Öle erleuchten mein Reagl und ich bin zutieft dankbar, diese Juwelen anzubieten. Heute habe ich wieder mit dem Öl des Herzens und der Dankbarkeit gearbeitet. Es war wunder-wunder- wunderschön!!!!!   

Ich selbst arbeite mit meinem Öl der " Hingabe" und ich habe das Gefühl, das Licht in mir strahlt ewig weit.  Ganz viel Güte erfüllt mein Herz und Du bist ein Segen für mich. Deshalb sende ich Dir noch in Gedanken ganz viel Liebe, Licht, Wärme und Rosenergie. Vertraue darauf, daß Deine Juwelen und das, was Du tust und was Du bist, ein Stück Himmel auf Erden bringt.

Ich umarme Dich


Deine Lichtfreundin Swi´Tara Denise   



Toshan, (Mallorca)

i am asking "Highest Protection" to protect me and purify me. Whenever I see my pendant with bright shinning light, whenever i automatically touch and hold it in my hand, some part of me understand it protects me.Highest protection pendant is always a reminder and bring me awareness that I am just watcher.

Highest protection and me are together nearly 7 years now. It protected me from being trapped in a ditch so it is a shortcut. I could not have been as I am now without tol and hp pendant. I would gone through much more winding roads. My search is unconscious but highest protection and tol led me to the moments of "ah! this".



Nuria Sadhana, (Spain)
Beloved Sampatti,
I have the pendant with me! I'm wearing it.. it's nice, I like my new friend that comes with me!

Hope to keep in touch with you and hopefully to meet you some day!

Talib, (Brazil)
...Hi Sampatti! I wanted to say that your work is a blessing in my life.
I use your crystal everyday and feel so much support for clarity and presence from it.
Thank you for making my life richer!!
WIth much love, Talib
Teerth (Germany)
Just participated in 7 days Training with Sampatti. This was Field of Awakening Crystal Circle.
It was my first experience and the beautiful energy and joy is still with me after one week.
I really enjoyed the Painting the frequecies with acrylic . I never thought it will be so much fun......
Marco (Spain)
my crystal is always around my neck and it`s like a part of the body. I love it so much!



Masta (Japan)

...Transmision of Light has been giving me understanding about life,

I had been carrying a big question mark in my inside since I was a girl, "what is the truth?"

and it is still with me.

It is always helping me to go inward and centering

in gentle and natural way,

it helps me to find my own light and live my original life.


Shanti OK  (Japan)

...The effect of highest protection is great!

In my Yoga class it creates higher vibration in the energy field.

I gave light transmission to my students to whom they had pain in  stomach or in womb.

They disappeared.

Also what I had invocated with highest protection has realized a lot.

More students came to my classes and my girlfriend came back to me etc.

I am very much grateful for crystals.

Thanks for Giri and Sampatti    

Santosha (Japan)

Thank you ,Sampatti,

The path of TOL is so much fun!!!

 Now what I want to do the best is meditating with Love&Gratitude's crystal .

 Love Santosha


 Pravana ( Japan)

I had been caught by poverty (un)consciousness for a long time.
I became a homeless. Even I was almost frozen to death.

I followed the suggestion of Sampatti and  transmitted the energy of highest protection and 4pinks for one year.

After one year all my debts which had accumulated for over 20 years were gone.

I received everything that I needed for my search.

I am working in the car industry which is most difficult in Japan now.

But I did not loose my job.

And I got more free time to share what I have learned with transmission of light.