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What is Transmission of Light?

is a a valid, alive and very gentle path to support our spiritual growth,
it is a way of opening our dormant  channels of light within.

We human beings have been hypnotized into believing that we are not what we really are:
Glorious beings of light.

We have been made to believe, that life is hard and that we are never good enough.
We have been made to believe that we have to fight for our survival,
and that life is certainly not for enjoyment;
that to look for happiness and fullfillment is just for dreamers.
We have been conditioned to believe in this sad story.

But now it is time to wake up. 
We want to be free to live our true potential!
Now we are ready to re-discover our original being; 
we want to be able to live a blissful, peaceful life,
full of songs and dances.
We want to be able to dance with the flowers
in the sun and in the soft rain.
We want to hear the songs of the stars,
and we want to know what it is to be blissful and fulfilled.
We want to see the light and we want to BE the light.

In the past the enlightened beings were very few,
and they left the earth too soon.

We will live here.

Can you just for a moment
this beautiful planet earth
and  people walking on her
and living
as radiating light?

Can you, even just for a moment
the joy,
the ecstasy?

This is what we can be,
this is what our nature is really.
We have just forgotten it.

The good news is:
We can remember
and be
who we really are:

Glorious beings of light.


 In the "Transmission of Light" (ToL) we experience the frequencies of light, their vibration, their message, their gift to us, and allow them to re- awaken our dormant light within. The moment our inner light wakes up, all darkness is gone, we can see clearly, and our lives take on a totally different dimension. We become aware of our full glory, and life itself turns into a blessing.

The frequencies  which are stored in crystals and gemstones can be transmitted and received through invocation,meditation and transmission of light

                      light-transmission-medium-2.jpg      medating-with-pillar-medium.jpg            



There are three energy fields  we use in ToL:

 for the awakening of Consciousness : the Field of Awakening


 for healing and physical well- being: The Healing Circle



 for the planet: The Earth Guardian Circle



Energized tinctures and oils are used to stabilize the process of light awakening in the body.